Since sometime in the late Aughts (first decade of the 21st century), Éxitos Gnosis has been distributing art made by our friends and artists we admire, aided and abetted by friends who generously offer the cooperation of their bookstores and such. This is a mutual-aid operation, and we make no money, as you can see from our website.

To get in contact with us, drop us a line at exitosgnosisexg@gmail.com

Besides being nonprofit and do-gooder, Éxitos Gnosis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of our parent company, Jackoff Condoms Inc, whose underwriting permits us to constantly lose investor money that otherwise might’ve gone to paying higher wages and better benefits for our investors’ employees. We register in Nevada and use Paypal, Venmo and cash business to avoid paying taxes, and we throw away all the art that we don’t sell, so we can write it off as the cost of doing business.